CONTEST RULES: ONE Entry per IP Address is Allowed — multiple entries will be automatically disqualified. Once inside, on Step 2, you will have multiple ways of sharing and earning more points to WIN the contest… but REMEMBER, only ONE entry is allowed.
You can SHARE multiple times, performing the social actions above (one time, multiple times), but only ONE Contest Entry per IP address is allowedantifraud mechanisms are in place – if a participant enters the contest again (with other names or emails), it will be disqualified & blacklisted.



Having Trouble With Points Validation?

  • Our contest software is only able to recognize users based on their cache and cookies. So, if someone opens up the campaign in a new browser/incognito browser/clears their cache and cookies on their phone when revisiting the campaign, then our system will not know if they’ve already signed up or not. 
  • To remedy this, make sure that you’re using the same mobile browser when revisiting (and make sure you type the contest URL, or, that you can re-enter the same email address you used when signing up and it’ll show them the thank you page with your progress. 
  • Also when completing social actions on mobile, if you are still experiencing issues, make sure that the respective apps from your actions are installed on YOUR mobile device first, before doing those social actions, (for example, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube or Facebook) so that you can come back to your “thank you” page and answer the confirmation question. The points will also automatically update as long as you answer the confirmation question.


Anti-Fraud Mechanisms (Accidental or Intentional)

  • Please remember the CONTEST RULES, if a user is detected as fraudulent (i.e. they’re using the same IP address to sign up), this might be another reason why they’re unable to revisit or get points because the system automatically adds them to the fraud list (Fraud Detection tab) if the system detects suspicious activity.
  • Of Course, this might have been an accident, or perhaps you didn’t read the rules in time. 
  • Whatever the case, if you have been Blacklisted (accidentally or not) there’s nothing we can do, as this is automatically handled by the software’s algorithm. We advice you wait until our NEXT Giveaway contest.

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